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Ma Long WTTC blade Long 5

Price : $120.00$150.00
Brand : DHS
Weight : 500 g
Blades :
Shakehand FLPenhold
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Ma Long WTTC blade Long 5

Ma Long's steak win weapon for 2015 World Champion !

Hurricane Long 5 adopts 7-ply aryl-carbon fiberboard with Pith-Film tech, offering great power and stable control. It is continuing Ma Long’s quick and changeable style featuring swift shift between attack and defense. In the upcoming 2014, a new era of new material T.T. balls, Hurricane Long 5 will be the top choice of Ma Long.

Fitted play: Loop plus quick-attack

Type: OFF++

Ply: 7

Weight: FL/96±3 (g) CS/92±3 (g)

Thickness: 5.9±0.1 (mm)

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