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Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade

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Brand : Butterfly
Weight : 400 g
Blades :
Shakehand FLPenhold
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Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade

The very first model with Super ZL-Carbon; Butterfly has succeeded in achieving not only a better reaction than existing blades, but also the expansion of the high-reaction area.

It makes power and control possible at the same time. Zhang Jike Series

  • Class: OFF
  • Plies: 5W + 2SZLC
  • Weight: 87g~
  • Blade Thickness: 5.6
  • Blade Size: 157 x 150mm
  • AN Handle Size: 100 x 25mm
  • FL Handle Size:  100 x 25mm
  • St Handle Size:   100 x 23mm


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